This is just a lovely, not too expensive, easy to use moisturiser. What I mean is, there’s no crazy active ingredients that leave you worrying about what to layer when, and it’s thick enough to be (at least psychologically) comforting on irritated or dry skin, though still sinks in fairly easily. I get no sense of the gel-creme mentioned in the product name, just creme all the way. This isn’t a bad thing.


I was first put onto using this by A Model Recommends’ gorgeous review – and associated trip to Paris – and it was a bit of an impulse purchase. I knew it contained shea butter but hoped it was low enough down the inci list not to be a problem for my acneic self. Happily, it turns out I was right, and though I put this one away in the cupboard when I last had a period of significant acne, since breaking it out again it has not broken me out once. (Sorry for that pun, I guess, but it had to be done). 


The ‘glow’ (or ‘lumiere’ – and whoever could say that without immediately thinking of Beauty and the Beast is a stronger person than I) is only very subtle. It is an attractive, natural effect and certainly not like layering a luminiser under your makeup. Rather, my skin looks plumped and noticeably ‘fresher’ after applying. For what it’s worth, the sheen is provided by mica, that glittery ingredient used in highlighters and a lot of foundations. It has no real skin benefits but for the look of it, so I don’t use this at night, a time when I don’t want anything extra on my skin other than ingredients that do serious heavy lifting. During the day, however, when I’m happily slapping layers of things onto my face chasing that ever elusive dewiness, I will certainly take it. I must mention too that the scent is citrusy and fresh, which also makes it perfect to use first thing for a good old fashioned olfactory wakeup.