As could be expected from the woman whose name has become synonymous with cleansing (or, as I prefer to think, with THE PHRASE 'wash your damn faces, oh filthy ones!'), Caroline Hirons' very own cleansing product ticks just about every box.

So what do you need to know? Basically that it is the ideal, unscented - and more on that in a minute - night time cleanser. Because if you're not washing your face twice at night, you're doing it wrong*, and as this clever tub contains both a balm and a cream cleanser, it removes the need to even think about skipping a double cleanse.

So first, let's go in with the balm side. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to Clinique's fabulous Take The Day Off balm cleanser, it's a solid, white grease (in a good way) that feels very tempting to take a huge chunk out of with each use. No need, though. Without any effort whatsoever even a small amount transforms into a truly makeup destroying oil, though one that is comfortable enough to use even on my stupidly sensitive eyes. Remove with a warm wash cloth, as always, then go in with the cream side. This is a thick, comforting, non-clogging cream that feels like giving your face a big cuddle after the end of a long day. Again, fine for me on the eyes. Remove with the same (rinsed) cloth to reveal clean, comfortable, smooth skin, ready for whatever products you'd like to throw at it next.

IMG_4245 copy.jpg

In terms of practicalities, it's affordable, and is housed in a plastic tub, so no need to worry about the dropping on the bathroom tile nightmare, plus it's ideal for travel. I know some will have an issue with hygiene, but as Caroline herself has pointed out about the huge tubs of sadly discontinued Clarins Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream (probably my biggest beauty RIP of all time), it's just so satisfying to dig into a big old jar and get everything off your face, no faffing about.

My only complaint, really? That it's unscented. Now, hear me out. I know it's a godsend for the many who react to fragrance, or just prefer not to use it unnecessarily. However as someone who has no issue with fragrance in terms of allergy, and an undying love for it from the olfactory side of things, I do miss it here. I believe Caroline herself has no issue with fragrance and indeed is very much in the camp of 'delicious, get it on my face now!', so I do commend her for putting those with sensitivities ahead of, you know, people like she and I who delight in a good whiff of an Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm or a Lixir Electrogel cleansing cream. I simply cannot say, though, that I wouldn't love a similar hit from one of her very own products. I get it, though – needs must!

Seriously, even if you generally prefer a lovely smelling cleansing routine, get this in your bathroom cabinet. Whether you're dry, acneic (oh heeeyyy), a wearer of tinted moisturiser or a full face of slap, you really can't go wrong.

(*As Caroline herself has said many times, if you've had a home day in front of a computer screen with hair in a pineapple on top of your head and avocado/salsa/who knows what-stained trackies on, without an ounce of SPF or, goodness knows, makeup on your wee visage, one cleanse will suffice. Otherwise, go and wash your face properly!)