As almost always, I found this via one Caroline Hirons (click here for her review). Because I am endlessly on the lookout for a moisturiser that feels like it's actually doing something comforting, but doesn't contain shea butter*, I jumped on this one. And I must say, it really is surprisingly affordable, especially for a doctor brand.

So what do I like? It's a gel texture, so while it is definitely on the lighter side, you can certainly still feel it on your face beyond the time it takes to put on. As I mentioned on my Instagram a while ago, the Clinique Moisture Surge has a similar texture, but for me feels like it disappears shortly after it's on. No such issue with this one. I do often add an oil to it at night and it's a dreamy combination – and don't worry, there's no separating, even with such different textures. As you'd expect from a moisturiser containing the skincare world's newish firm favourite, hyaluronic acid (a humectant that holds 1,000 times its weight in water), it feels hydrating and even a little cooling, though the latter part may just be wishful thinking.

My only issue with it is that I often find it stings a bit on application, and even for a while after! Now, my skin can be sensitive, I am using Differen (a type of retinoid) nightly, and I have been known to attack my skin with harsh products when I'm in a particularly I-hate-my-face acne blow out, like now. So just because it stings my poor old face is not to say it would sting yours. It does contain glycolic and lactic acid, though as they're well down the ingredient list i'd say in quite small amounts, but that must be what prompts that response when my skin is feeling a little sad. Also bear in mind that I always use an acid morning and night, so this is going on top of skin already exposed to an acid.

I'd say this is a good one to add to your rotation, especially in the summer when a texture like this comes into its own, but probably not one for morning and night, day in day out, given the acid content.

PS- reviewing the ingredients made me realise it has watermelon extract in it - known for its hydrating properties - which made me even more excited for the long-awaited arrival of my Watermelon Glow Sleep Mask! Damn Fedex, keeping it from me for over a week now! I can't wait to report in once I finally get my hands on it.

*Shea butter is generally considered a difficult ingredient for acneic skin to process. I avoid it like the plague on the lower half of my face where I have constant acne. I have to say I don't feel like I have conclusive proof that it's broken me out, but creams that include it are so rich that I feel just looking at them makes my cystic spots throb. (If you do decide to avoid this, too, make sure to look either for shea butter or good old butyrospermum parkii, as it commonly appears, on the ingredients lists of products - and prepare to be shocked by just how many moisturisers include it!)