First tried a couple of years ago in a Caroline Hirons
Cult Beauty Box, this will forever have a place in my
top five face oils.

This is beautiful. It feels completely sumptuous on the skin, but not thick or too rich. It's like a cosy blankie for your face, whatever issues your skin is having. Most importantly for Little Miss Acne over here, it has never once broken me out. Nope, not one tiny spot (or revoltingly huge one). And the smell is divine – I'd go so far as to say it won't matter what your fragrance preferences are, this will manage to be both uplifting and relaxing for you. While it's not cheap, it's also in a huge 50ml bottle. Most face oils are 30ml max, some even 15ml, and often for more like twice the price. It really will last ages. Use a few times a week and prepare to never  be without it.